Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Camp is next week


The Camp is coming up fast, just next week and it's time to get just a touch more serious about the event. Thanks to all of you who have posted information about yourselves and your interests to the Camp Blog. If you haven't already submitted your introductory post there's still time.

For the next couple of days and through this weekend I think it would be effective to have folks post on the blog two primary bits of information.

First off, add your topics of concern and make sure you add labels. Our current label line up, which at least in part will help to drive our discussion groups is:
introduction (12)
OPACs (9)
libraries (8)
next generation ILS (8)
resource discovery (5)
Open Source (4)
announcements (4)
camps (4)
Public Libraries (3)
access services (2)
PALS (1)
dogs (1)
how tos (1)
interlibrary loan (1)
library software marketplace (1)

So post up you topics and labels and we'll approach the first cut on our topics for the camp.

Second, figuring out who's going to give the 3 quick key presentation. You might remember from the very first posting about the camp:
At the Camp there will be 3 short key presentations based on the blog discussions, of 10-15 minutes each distributed throughout the afternoon. These keys will be designed to stimulate conversations and provoke ideas among the participants. Following each there will be discussion breakouts, on specific topics as determined by the participants both from before-conference blog entries and on site during the Camp
Who wants to step up? We're looking for thought provoking ideas and at 10-15 minutes no big prep time. Instead what can you say to make the attendees think and talk and create even more ideas? Suggest yourself or suggest another attendee. Post it on the blog and will come up with 3 for the Camp. At some camps they might wait until the event to decide the quick key speakers, but I think it would be more librarian style polite to at least give our quick key volunteers a couple of days to semi-prep .

Post to the blog. Email me any questions you might have. See you on Tuesday in Madison.



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Ruth said...

Hi Mark

Will folks be live-blogging from camp next week? I'm sorry I can't be in there in person, but I'm looking forward to reading about the event!

Here in Michigan we'll be busy training Branch District Library on the Evergreen system next week. Please invite folks to look at our training OPAC http://training.michiganevergreen.org
to see the open source ILS in action.

Have fun at Camp! Ruth Dukelow