Friday, July 18, 2008


Hello, my name is Van Carpenter and for 7 years I've been the Director of Library Services at Northland Baptist Bible College. Here at NBBC library we have experienced all of the challenges of a academic library servicing the needs of a small college. This will be my first foray into the face-to-face interaction of WiLS - so, I'm looking forward to it. The busyness in the field has kept me away far too long.

I'm very much interested in the topic of OPAC's and ILS's and, in particular, open source. We have had a Liblime Koha installation for at least two years, and we will soon be migrating to Liblime's Zoom ILS. We are interested in pushing the development cycle envelope and keeping the feature enhancement curve going. As a small college this can be difficult - even in OSS, but in a consortium this task becomes easier.

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