Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fishing for Who, What, Which, When

I'm Lauren Blough, the Automation Project Manager at South Central. My current interest in technological "discovery" is determining the total cost of ownership for the shiny new products and services. While software development scales new heights and services continue to evolve with more and more entrepreneurs applying their expertise, it's a challenge to integrate the pieces in a manageable local product/service. Costs are dividing into smaller and smaller units at higher and higher prices, some complicated by the switch from one-time fees to subscription models. Researching OPAC and open source topics is both exciting and mistifying when I try to figure out who has implemented what with which resources (does that statement accurately illustrate bewilderment?).


Stephen Elfstrand said...

Yes really the"discovery layer" should be included in a next gen ILS Why we have to export records and have an external app process them is a mystery to me. if all that needs to be done why not just base the OPAC on it in the first place?

Stephen Elfstrand said...

I guess what I mean is that if the extraction and preprocessing needs to be done it should just happen right in the LSM software itself and there really shouldn't have to be any 3rd prt apps