Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Questions for the Camp to Talk About


So what questions do you want answered at the camp?  Here's one from me:
How come it seems like if I want a super cool next gen OPAC, I have to run my current old ILS and also run one or more special extra cool add on thingies on top of it?  Huh what?  What if I only want to run one thingie and have it all?



nichole said...

I'm just curious about what features might be out there in the market that I've just never seen in practice, owing to my being a bit out of the loop.

For instance (putting on my patron hat) does any OPAC say how many holds in a list are suspended? The better to judge how soon I'll get my House MD DVD, you know. :)

Mark Beatty said...

and another question from me is I want my queues to act like netflix, including I ONLY get a set number of items at any time and I DON'T get a zillion items at once.

Amy Gannaway said...

Hi Nichole, unfortunately, I don't recall seeing any new OPACs that tell the patron how many holds in a list are suspended.

Hi Mark, I don't use Netflix so I don't know exactly what you are looking for, but all of the OPACs I have looked at have the active/suspend holds option so you don't get everything at once. And in some of them you can set the status by date, so you don't have constantly remember to log back into your account to change your hold to active (or suspend).